Meanwhile In Time

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Book Details Due for release Autumn 2018

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It seems like bad English to say, ‘Meanwhile, 200 years ago’, but if time is a dimension then maybe it starts to make sense. If two events are destined to converge then as one event evolves, meanwhile so does the other. As Captain Spicer of His Majesty’s 28 gun frigate Epsilon lost sight of the French frigate in the fog, so the electrical system in John Richardson’s motor yacht failed. In his turn, he stared at the fog that had sprung up from nowhere.

At the same time, at least in the dimensional sense, Michael Gordon’s fusion reactor exploded, disrupted by the electrical and magnetic fields that he was generating. It was as well that his obsession for secrecy had driven him to work on a boat, in the Atlantic off Ireland, for the explosion would have taken out a whole city. As it was, Michael was the only casualty, at least in 2123.

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